YMCA’s Football Raffle 2021

Raffle prize package
worth approximately $800!

East Stands Seats (click to expand)
There will be one drawing in this raffle, and the individual drawn will receive 4 tickets to the Virginia Tech vs Notre Dame game on October 9, 2021. A total of 2,000 raffle tickets will be printed, with no minimum ticket sales needed for the raffle drawing to occur. In other words, the odds of winning are excellent.

Great view from the East Stands
Section 19R, Row KKK, Seats 16, 18 & 20, 22


THANK YOU TO ESPN Blacksburg for providing the tickets!

ESPN Blacksburg is the NRV's home for sports. We have a full line up of ESPN Network shows, and The Drive your only local sports talk show in the New River Valley. 810 AM, 93.1 FM, and 97.1 FM. Send us a text at 866-961-1430!

Q: When is the raffle drawing?
The drawing will be held on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. at the YMCA’s Y Center, located at 1000 N. Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

Q: How much do tickets cost?
Raffle tickets can be purchased individually for $15.

Q: How do I purchase raffle tickets?
You can purchase raffle tickets online at the YMCA’s Football Raffle webpage, over the phone by calling us at 540-961-9622, or in-person by visiting us at the Y Center Offices at 403 Washington Street, Blacksburg, Virginia. 

Q: Can I purchase more than one ticket?
Yes, you can purchase multiple raffle tickets. 

Q: Can I split an entry ticket with my friends?
You can go in together on purchasing a raffle ticket, but only one person should be responsible for buying the raffle ticket.

Q: Can I enter to win if I’ve already purchased season tickets?
Yes, there are no restrictions on season ticket holders purchasing raffle tickets. 

Q: What if I already have season tickets?
You may sell, donate, or giveaway your other season tickets – whichever is easier! 

Q: Can I split my winnings with my friends?
Yes, there are no restrictions about who the winner may share their tickets with. 

Q: How will entrants be notified of who is the winner?
 Winners will be notified via phone call,and/or email. 

Q: How does my entry support the YMCA at Virginia Tech?
All proceeds for the football raffle benefit the YMCA at Virginia Tech and its community outreach initiatives that include education programs, anti-hunger initiatives, after-school children’s programs, tutoring, international services, our thrift shop, and other community services. To learn more about these programs and what else the YMCA offers, visit our website.

A Legacy of Leadership

By early 1900's, there were over 800 campus YMCA's around the country. Today there are only 8, including the YMCA at Virginia Tech. Only an excellent legacy of leadership has given our YMCA such staying power. The YMCA at Virginia Tech flourishes today, owing to the efforts of early leaders such as Paul Derring, the Reverend Al Payne, Emily Stuart, Barbara Michelson, and influential volunteer leaders like Lucy Lee Lancaster.

Our YMCA works to build leaders in Virginia Tech students, offering over 10 programs in which they can participate and gain valuable experience while contributing to their community. The YMCA at Virginia Tech’s programs help turn the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow; a convention that all started with a legacy of leadership that has remained consistent since the YMCA’s inception at Virginia Tech in 1873.

The YMCA also proudly serves over 27,000 community members of all walks of life through education programs, after-school children’s programs, tutoring, international services, our thrift shop, and other community services. Our YMCA works with the community, the town, the county, and the public school system to identify needs and incorporate volunteers into programs to address those needs. Because of this, our YMCA is here to stay, here to serve, and here to make a real difference.