Bringing together Internationals and Americans to welcome and integrate Internationals into the community while providing a comfortable venue for cross cultural friendship, information, education, support, and service.

International Programs

International Programs at the YMCA at VT

The YMCA has been an active member of our community since 1873. We recognize that our town hosts a unique community that includes many internationals from around the globe. We strive to serve all its valued members. One of our long running programs is the International Women’s Group where newcomers and longtime residents meet weekly on Tuesdays to foster friendships while engaging in different interesting activities.

English Conversation Classes

Due to COVID-19 Classes will be held via Zoom

English Conversation Groups will practice speaking English and understanding spoken English in conversation. We will use our discussions to explore the topics that will help you enjoy your time in Blacksburg like where to hike, restaurants, or holiday activities. These topics will also allow you to share about your life and home cultures. During the pandemic, we will have Zoom meetings with occasional opportunities to meet in person.

Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. with Carol Dellinger

Please contact for more information. 

We recently held our first online reunion organized by Barbara! There were lots of smiles and joy to reconnect with alumni members of the group who are no longer in the area. We met with Mam, Chiao, Wan Ting, Marcella, Vandana, Jihye, and Sachika. They all remembered the good times they had with each other and how the YMCA group helped them make friends and overcome some of the challenges that newcomers face. We promised to have more reunions in the future.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 8th

Movie Club

We are going to discuss the American classic movie, It’s a Wonderful World. Since we can’t meet in person to watch it together we ask you to watch it on your own before next Tuesday.

The movie is available on DVD at the Blacksburg Public Library for free. It’s also available on Amazon Prime. The movie is suitable for people ages 13 and up.Michele Lester will lead the discussion. She highly recommends watching the black and white version.

While watching keep those questions in mind so we can discuss them during the meeting.

  • What is the message of this film?
  • What feelings did you share with any of the characters in the film?
  • Describe one thing that was universal that you learned from the film.

We welcome suggestions for movies to watch in the future. Please share with us your favorite titles.

Guest Speaker in December

Raghu Krishnamaneni will be the guest speaker at our meeting on Dec 15th. Mr. Krishnamaneni is a volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation, which is a global non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization present in 156 countries. He will be sharing with us breathing techniques to help with stress management. 

For information about all classes and to participate please contact Dina Ali, YMCA at VT International Programs Director