Bringing together Internationals and Americans to welcome and integrate Internationals into the community while providing a comfortable venue for cross cultural friendship, information, education, support, and service.

International Programs


The YMCA has been an active member of our community since 1873. We recognize that our town hosts a unique community that includes many internationals from around the globe. We strive to serve all its valued members. One of our long running programs is the International Women’s Group where newcomers and longtime residents meet weekly on Tuesdays to foster friendships while engaging in different interesting activities.

International Women’s Group

August 31

Our first meeting of the semester will take place starting at 9:30am at the Lancaster House. We will meet on our porch!  If you wish to participate contact Dina at

September 10-19

Welcoming Week starts on September 10 with Welcoming Hour, 4-6pm at the Lancaster House on the porch. 403 Washington St SW, Blacksburg. For more details on our Welcoming Week events please visit:

English Conversation Classes

Due to COVID-19 Classes will be held via Zoom

English Conversation Groups will practice speaking English and understanding spoken English in conversation. We will use our discussions to explore the topics that will help you enjoy your time in Blacksburg like where to hike, restaurants, or holiday activities. These topics will also allow you to share about your life and home cultures. During the pandemic, we will have Zoom meetings with occasional opportunities to meet in person.

Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. with Carol Dellinger

Please contact for more information.