Youth Art Exhibition and Competition
Art is everywhere and can be a prominent aspect of our lives. The youth art exhibition and competition’s theme, “Welcoming and Belonging,” ties into “Welcoming Week” by promoting positivity and diversity in our community. We hope that this exhibition will display appreciation and kind regard to everyone in our community, no matter where they are from. You can visit the art exhibition at the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library-Blacksburg through September 30. Thank you to Blacksburg Regional Arts Association for judging the artwork.

Congratulations to the winning artists!

Elementary School Age:

Honorable Mention: Paige Makenna Hill, Odette Czuba, Thomas Scarry

First Place- Aviana Bellotte

Second Place – Aura Czuba

Community Vote: Bryn Fraser


Middle/High School Age:

Honorable Mention: Jack Fraser, Jocelyn Fraser, Ireland Scarry

First Place – Hanna Baker

Second Place – Addison Long

Community Vote: Elizabeth Lisic

Leela Essie Bradbury-Swarup

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: 'Together We Are Stronger'

I chose the color yellow for a background because it is a very welcoming and cheerful, happy color. The circle protects the things in the middle and shows that nobody is alone, hence the name, 'Together We Are Stronger'. I chose all sorts of colors because everybody is different, therefore, there is no normal, and because of that, everybody belongs.

Elizabeth Lisic- Community Vote Middle/High School Group

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: The Mountains Take Me Home

Looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains from my porch, I am at home. The painting shows this feeling through the warmth in the trees and path drawing you home. I hope this painting helps convey this feeling to all others that call these mountains home regardless of background.



Grade Level: 10

Title of Artwork: Under the Embrace of Space

Under the eyes and law's of Space, we, the people of Earth, are where we need to be. And as Earth's children, we shouldn't have divisions or boarders, as this planet is where we all call home.




Welcoming Week Art Gallery

Annan Sun

Grade Level: 8

Title of Artwork: We Are Friends

When I first came to Blacksburg from China, I felt nervous and didn't talk much in school. But soon I made new friends from America, Brazil, Korea and many other countries. They are all very kind and supportive. They help me to solve problems in my study and school life. More important, they share happiness and sadness with me. I draw this picture because I find it amazing that when we talk about our hobbies and favorite sports, we are also exchanging our different cultural background. I really cherish the friendship with these international friends. I am also interested in knowing more about their countries.

Dalelena Eanes

Grade Level: 5

Title of Artwork: We all belong together

To hands making a heart skin tone black and white title we all belong together









Emma Price

Grade Level: 7

Title of Artwork: Difference=Human

It's based off of the American flag and modified to reflect the promise of justice for all, no matter who they are or where they're from.









Michelle Bai

Grade Level: 5

Title of Artwork: Welcoming hug

A welcoming hug from a sweet Anime girl.





Joseph Ranalli

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: Welcome One and All

The focus of this picture is that in our world everyone should feel welcome. Different races are putting their hands together, and the hearts in this picture shows that everyone should love one another.




Hannah Baker- FIRST PLACE, Middle/High School Age Group

Grade Level:

Title of Artwork: YOU BELONG!

This drawing represents how everyone of all color and race can be united and friends.






Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: everyone matters!

My artwork is about [Everyone matters]. I like making people smile.



Gracie Linkous

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: Out of the Darkness

This is a painting of a girl standing alone shyly in the darkness in 6th grade. Another girl reading out her hand to her. Then the two girls pictured together as friends. Happy as friends.

Paige Hill-Honorable Mention Elementary Age Group

Grade Level: 4

Title of Artwork: You Matter

My artwork explains that you matter. It also explains welcoming because of the flowers and the rainbow. It's a beautiful artwork explaining how welcoming and belonging everyone should be.

Odette Czuba- Honorable Mention Elementary Age Group

Grade Level: K

Title of Artwork: Earth Heart Rainbow Face

This is the Earth, and the two lands look like eyes. The Earth is happy, just because it is happy. These two hearts look like a hot-air balloon made of hearts, it’s a heart-air balloon. The hearts are skin color hearts, for diversity and love. When people look at this picture, I want them to be nice to other people and be happy.




Majd Sayed Issa

Grade Level: 1

Title of Artwork: Welcome my new friend

The art work reflects on the fact that we, human beings, are different, but our difference makes us beautiful. We all need to be loved, welcomed, and respected.







Aura Czuba-SECOND PLACE, Elementary Age Group

Grade Level: 3

Title of Artwork: Heart of Hands

I made this Heart of Hands to show people with different skin colors being friends. Just because we look different doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I painted sheets of paper and traced my hands on them. Then I cut out the hands I traced and glued them onto a heart I cut out.





Ema Ben Senior

Grade Level: 4

Title of Artwork: Together

My art work represents how two different girls have so much in common and can be friends.



Sophia Creque

Grade Level: 3

Title of Artwork: “We have a puppy!”

A new puppy is welcomed into a family. They take very good care of him. Now he belongs in that family.


Isaiah Cyler

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: Be your own person and be a hero to your school.

My art work makes me happy makes me feel I can create what's on mind and welcoming my ideas.


Kasen Evans

Grade Level: 7

Title of Artwork: THE VT TRUTH!!!!!

It shows how you are welcoming and excited about talking and interacting with everyone about sports.



Thomas Scarry- Honorable Mention Elementary Age Group









Allison Berry

Grade Level: 6

Title of Artwork: The road home.

My picture shows the worn dirt road leading to where I feel at home. When I think about being a home I think of the image of this road. To me it always seems so inviting because at the end there are so many good memories

Jack Fraser-Honorable Mention Middle/High School Age

Ireland Scarry- Honorable Mention Middle/High School Age

Jocelyn Fraser-Honorable Mention Middle/High School Age

Addison Long- SECOND PLACE, Middle/High School Age Group

Grade Level:

Title of Artwork: Welcome to the Pond

Bryn Fraser- Community Vote Elementary Age Group

Grade Level: 4

Title of Artwork: I Belong


Kadia Hofer-Nowak

Grade Level: 4

Title of Artwork: Ocean Boy

Aviana- First Place Elementary Age Group

Grade Level: 4

Title of Artwork: Here we welcome anyone